Editor’s note: This employee knows nothing about cooking. Please humor him. 

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes get hungry. My solution for this is usually giving money to stores or restaurants that already have food that they are willing to trade, but last night I decided to switch it up by preparing a meal for myself! I started with one of the only dishes I can make: rice. On a hunch, I decided to put it into a hot dog bun. And now with this exclusive recipe, you can too!



-a hot dog bun (you can warm it up somehow or not)

Step 1. Cook your rice (google it)

Step 2. Figure out some way to put the cooked rice (see step 1) into the hot dog bun. (I personally used my hands.)

Step 3. Enjoy! :)

Editor’s note again: Do not eat this if you enjoy good food.


Swimming Pool Detail by Peter Judson

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